It's here.....JUNIOR CAMP SIGNUP!!!

Please download form at bottom of page!

You may also pick one up at Belvidere North Athletic or Main Office, or at your Elementary School front office!

(we are no longer allowed to distribute to classrooms - so help us get the word out!)

*Don't forget your Jason's Deli forms to turn in....NO CHECKS, cash or credit!

Jason's Deli forms attached at bottom!

Turn in on Friday at the Scrimmage; 5:30 - 6:00 PM next to Concession Stand.  $23.45 Cash/credit only - NO CHECKS!

Varsity serving at the CASA dinner - and we got to EAT TOO which is of course, our favorite thing to do!


Parents we will be signing up for tumbling!

Monday - Rebels 6 - 7:15 at North

Tuesday - GAR North, 8 - 9:15

Wednesday - GAR Central, 7 - 8:15

Parents - It's time to order bodywear for your athlete! In the past, I would put on my credit card and be reimbursed, but the district has gotten away from that so I will give you the info so YOU can do this!  PLEASE DO THIS NOW so your athlete gets their items in time!  If some of you want to go together - I think there is free shipping for items over a certain amount.  Poms have already been ordered from a different company - those are $30!

For Frosh/JV you will need:

Go to www.teamcheer.com

Bodysuit: Adult Midriff top in SCARLET; $11.99, item # BWBM105

Briefs: Adult boy cut brief in NAVY; $5.99, item # BWBC121

For Varsity you need: Metallic boy cut brief in RED; $11.99, item # BWBT201

Varsity - DO NOT order a bodysuit from teamcheer; yours are custom and only I can order those!

If you need shoes - this is the cheapest website to get them.  Last year we had Asics Tumblina - it was fine for football.  ANY WHITE CHEER SHOE will do - do NOT spend a lot as the track eats them up!

Happy ordering - get going :)

THANK YOU for volunteering at RVC "Memphis"!

Kenzie M. and Kenzie P., Katelyn, Rachel, Braylee, Tanner, Tori, Alex M., Sarah, Mya, Kelsie, Arthur, Kayla, and Matt!  Great job and hope you enjoyed the show!  4 hours Community Service credit!

VIP Photos are ready to order!  Receive a 10% discount when you enter promo code STATE at checkout!

Varsity Coed
7th in the State :)
Check the IHSA website for links to VIP Photography for actions shots!


WATCH ON THE CUBE!!!  About 4:17 into the broadcast

Watch the winning Conference Routine:

Watch Grayslake Competition LIVE
on the CUBE

Grayslake North Results
All Girl JV - 6th out of 11 teams!
Coed JV - FIRST PLACE out of 21 teams!
Congratulations to all!!!

ALL GIRL - 14th out of 21 - AMAZING
Coed Stunt groups - 2nd and 4th; YOU ROCK!
So proud of all our athletes :)

Bucs Classic Placements
Varsity 2nd Place Coed
Small JV  - 2nd place
Coed JV - 1st Place!!!

Buffalo Grove Results
Varsity - 7th place out of 25
Let's BOIL!!!!!

Varsity takes 4th at Sandburg!
Total Score 83.43
Raw score 86.93 (2nd overall)
Also Parents - visit www.ricksanchezphotography.com/Midwest-Cheerfest for photos of the competition!

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